Location of Cape Verde Islands

Location of Cape Verde Islands

Cape Verde Islands are for many the embodiment of a peaceful exotic holiday.
This destination is currently offered by virtually every travel agency, but not everybody knows where this paradise is.

Whether the name of the archipelago itself evokes the impression of distant lands, we are actually about 5,500 km from our homeland.

The Cape Verde Archipelago is located in the southern part of the North Atlantic, on the west coast of Africa.
The islands are part of the so-called Macaronesia, a volcanic archipelago area stretching south of the Azores.
Cape Verde consists of ten islands divided into two basic units according to the position of the winding winds.
One in total is the windward islands, the so-called Berlavento, the second being the islands of the so-called Sotavento.

How to get to Cape Verde Islands?
Because Cape Verde Islands are located in the middle of the ocean, the only option for traveling is air transport.
It is a destination on which a so-called long-distance flight takes place, which is longer than 6 hours.
The exact time of flight to Cape Verde is about 6 hours and 15 minutes.
The advantage is the relatively high frequency of flights, due to the fact that all the longer flights have a technical stopover on the Cape Verde Islands. If your journey ends on Sal Island, you will land at an international airport in the capital of Espargos.
If you head to Boa Vista, your flight ends at an international airport in the capital city of Rabil.
Both airports provide a bus transfer to the hotel.

Perhaps you are interested in flying by plane for an exotic holiday. Travel Service provides a flight to Cape Verde with a Boeing 737 version 800 aircraft with a capacity of 189 passengers.
During the flight, passengers are served refreshments.

If you have decided to visit another, not so touristy island, you can use the domestic routes from the Boa Vista and Sal islands.